SEVEN, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One…

Over the past four months, we’ve had the absolute pleasure to welcome Seven (now six) students into Aerial Edge to take part in our Foundation Course in Circus Arts.

fc2The course aims to guide students in whichever way they see fit, whether they want to pursue circus professionally, looking to heighten their current skill, wanting to get fit or anything else in between. We’ve already seen one of our foundation course students, Seb, audition and be accepted into Circomedia in Bristol with the aims to becoming a fully trained professional circus artist.

Undertaking this course is a commitment for everyone involved but for us, it is worth every second as we get the opportunity to pass on and teach the thing our staff love the most; circus. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aerialist, an acrobat or even a cyr wheeler as we work both with your strengths and your weaknesses to build you into well-rounded circus person. What we’ve enjoyed the most about having our most recent foundation course students in the space is watching them not only develop as individuals but watching them come together as a group and working to support each other both in and out of the space. They’ve been there for each other when they’ve laughed, when they’ve cried, when they’ve achieved something new and when they think they can’t do it anymore. It’s humbling to watch from our little view from our office.fc-acro

With their show, SEVEN, only days away, we thought we’d write this little blog post to wish G, Mikes, Helen, Fiona, Leire and Robynn good luck with the show but also to thank them for being fantastic students.

We definitely don’t say it enough to any of our students (recreational, foundation course ect) but it’s all of you and the passion everyone brings into the space every day, it really makes Aerial Edge a place worth being at. We love seeing the progression our students are making whether it is physically, mentally or any other way through the means of circus.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for our students and we hope to see you at SEVEN this Friday.


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