Performance at Height Rigging Workshops

Join Aerial Edge and the Federation of Scottish Theatre as they come together to provide two rigging workshops that focus on performance at height!

Aerial Edge, in partnership with FST, is offering two in-depth health and safety training days with one of the leading and most experienced industry experts in the country. FST Members can make the most of their memberships with discounts off of the workshops full price!


October 19th – Rigging Workshop (aimed at Performers)

October 21st – Safe Practices & Rigging Workshop (Technicians, Directors/ Choreographers, H&S Managers)


Full/Associate FST Members: £125 | Individual FST Members: £100 | Full Price for Non-Members: £175

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Aerial Edge is frequently approached for consultation on safe rigging and flying practice by theatre and dance companies, event producers, theatres and H&S managers. These courses are designed to address concerns, provide technical detail and encourage a culture of empowerment to enhance safety from all perspectives.

Learning Outcomes:

Performance At Height 101: From the very basics of ensuring safety and good practice to industry standards and golden rules, leaving room to apply them creatively and flexibly with enough knowledge.

Dynamic Forces: i.e. Physics! The rules of motion as applied to flying, swinging and all things aerial.

Backup Systems: How do you plan for the unexpected? From shows or events not running to plan or human errors in the moment – what are the agreed procedures and how do you establish and communicate them?

Rescue: You know the drill if someone is injured on the ground. How do you safely rescue someone from height?

Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS): Good practice relating to aerial work. How do you know if your employer is adhering to it?

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