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July 21, 2023 / by Kay / In programmes

Brazilliant chance to train in the sun

Much as we adore our warehouse venue in Glasgow, heck, it would be mad to miss the opportunity to enjoy circus training in sunnier spots in the world. Now’s your chance to train your favourite arts in Brazil – including flying trapeze right next to a gorgeous beach.

Aerial Edge flying trapeze instructor Gabriel Stella and fly pole teacher Helen Anderson are organising the two-week adventure at Circocan, the school where they met and mastered their arts. If you’re up for it, book some annual leave for the first two weeks in November! Levitate1

One of the great things about circus training is having fun with a diverse bunch of characters from the aerial and acrobatic community all over the world, who are all at very different levels of experience from beginner to master.

These folks tend to travel – we’ve lost count of the number of nationalities and languages at Aerial Edge. We make that two-way street, by collaborating with other circus people across the globe to give you the opportunity to travel to meet new people and see new places too.

Gabe says: “Circocan is my second family. I can’t wait to take my own students to experience how incredible circus is in Brazil, and that’s the main reason I am doing the retreat.


‘A one-of-a-kind experience’


“It’s incredible being there with nothing to worry about at all, meeting new people and just living circus. You just enjoy training in a warm environment free of judgment and competition.”

And Helen says: “I was still at a hobby level of circus training when I went to Brazil to do the six-month foundation course at Circocan in 2017. The first five days were the camp that we’re now taking Aerial Edge students to. Levitate1

“It was perfect for meeting people and integrating, and I was in this secluded paradise land, surrounded by circus. That was really cool.

“It’s super fun…and the food is amazing! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, it bonds everyone, you’re all in it together. People were so easy to get along with, I made a lot of amazing friends there and I’m still friends with them.”


The camp of dreams

The five-day camp is at what’s loosely described as a ranch – but think less of cowboys and horses and more of all the fabulous circus equipment you could dream of, surrounded by lush forest.

The camp gives you a foundation in strength with flexibility and whatever arts you want to pursue – including flying trapeze on the full-size grand volant flying trapeze rig.


In the evenings there’s chill time, movie nights, games nights and enjoying the jacuzzi and natural outdoor swimming pool (you’ll see people using the teeterboard instead of a diving board).

After that, Gabe and Helen are taking you to the island of Florianopolis for a week of flying trapeze on the big rig in the hotel’s gardens.


It’s easier than you think to go big

If you’re nervous about making the transition from our petit volant rig to the grand, don’t worry!

Helen says: “I had never done grand volant before I went there. It’s easier than you think it’s going to be. If you’ve been training on the Aerial Edge rig, you already have the foundations, so you’ll just have more time to do the moves.

“And it’s outside in the sun with the sea just over the road, who doesn’t love that?

“The island is amazing, I loved living there, and the climate is lovely. I’m so excited to back there.

“You’re surrounded by gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, hikes, and it’s safe. It’s a little bit of a party island, and there are great restaurants and trendy bars around. November is the right month for seeing whales and dolphins.”


As well as teaching the fly classes, Gabe and Helen will act as your guides if you want to explore.

If you want to do more circus every day instead of exploring, Circocan school is based at the Florianopolis location (they rent the ranch camp as an annual event).

Gabe says: “I was thinking of three hours of fly per day, but we can adapt or have rest days so that people’s hands survive the whole thing!

“And what about the rest of the day? We are free to do whatever we want and the options are endless. We could hike to deserted beaches, or go canoeing, or go swimming under a waterfall that’s like paradise, learn to surf, or just enjoy a drink and a nice meal with your feet on the sand.”


How do you get on board?

Email Gabriel@aerialedge.co.uk or chat to him or Helen when you’re in the space – but be quick! All the booking will be done on Friday 28th July to get good prices and because places are so limited.

Gabe has set up a WhatsApp group for people who are interested, to keep up to date with developments.

For further info, see this video about this year’s 5-day camp and this video of a previous one. This reel shows the grand volant rig at Florianopolis. The brochure below is for this year’s 5-day ranch camp.

Circocan Brochure