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January 02, 2023 / by Kay / In programmes

Here’s to a happy new era

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Boost! There are new arts, new ideas, new passions coming your way at Aerial Edge in 2023

Right now, YOU are the reason that Aerial Edge exists. As we gallop into 2023, we have two missions that affect you.

  1. We plan to be there also for people who aren’t able to join us under their own steam, in accordance with our not-for-profit commitment to circus for all.
  2. We will upgrade your experience, with personalised support in classes and courses that you can get passionate about.
It’s all thanks to you…

We are open for a new year for you, and because of you. We are immensely grateful to you. At the moment, Aerial Edge is supported 100% by students (or their parents, in the case of Youth Circus). By showing up to classes, you are covering the cost of your instructors as well as the boring overheads like rent and utilities. Most of the management is performed on a pro-bono basis. Now it’s time to create a fund so that disadvantaged people can join the circus. We’d love you to be part of that warm and fuzzy inclusive mission.

Let’s back up a bit…

This time last year, all we wanted was a home. Somewhere to share circus. We’ve come a long way in six months. This year, our ambition is to share it with people who aren’t able to find their own way to us.
That could be:

  1. A child with learning challenges who needs some area in their life where they can feel successful
  2. A person with a physical disability who would benefit from discovering some circus talents
  3. A refugee
  4. A teenager who needs to channel creativity or exuberant energy into something that they find absorbing
  5. A talented artist who needs a training space
  6. A student from the school of hard knocks who could be a great leader with appropriate mentoring
  7. An adult who needs mental health support

We all know that there are people out there who have a massive amount to contribute to a better society if they are given an opportunity or two. Aerial Edge has been around for 15 years and, pre-covid, had grown to a stage where we could offer sponsored places. Since re-opening in July, we have built not just a fantastic new space but a stable and supportive team of instructors, so the next stage is to dedicate resources to creating a fund, and working with local and international organisations to identify individuals who would benefit from training with us.

Your exciting year ahead…

The schedule for 2023 is packed with workshops and mini-conventions in new disciplines as well as favourite arts, full-on full-time Foundation Courses, performance opportunities for recreational students and professionals, and a bunch of plans to make your experience better all round (ohhhh yes, that DOES include the booking system!).
We know that learning skills in circus disciplines also develops people’s skills in leadership, communication, creativity, problem solving and more.
It happens almost without you noticing. Your instructors are taking you through a syllabus, and watching out for signs where traits could be enhanced, or perhaps are a mental block that could be overcome. Learning circus skills provides many opportunities to learn a lot about yourself and life. Next year, we are taking that to a new level for both youth and adult students. We’re shaking up the syllabus and the ways that we teach it, and giving you a much more personalised training programme.

All funds and games…

We’ve operated on a not-for-profit basis for a long time, but since we found our lovely new warehouse and rescued our apparatus out of the ratty, leaky depot where it had been stored since lockdown, we have finalised the official process of becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC). Our task now is to find out what grants and funding options are available for sponsored places, and identify beneficiaries.
How can you help? We would always welcome volunteers but it can be as simple as filling our classes. If you love what we do and can see how this could benefit others, then please promote our classes with friends, relatives and relevant organisations in any way you can. We need to identify beneficiaries and partner organisations to work with. If you want to help or offer ideas, we’d love you to be part of the twin mission of developing people through circus, and circus for all.

Pay it forward

We’ve set up a ‘pay it forward’ scheme for Youth Circus so if you wish to sponsor a young person for a term or a class, the links are here and here. If you have a particular young person in mind, talk to Mark when you’re in the space, email him or drop a WhatsApp message on 07360 546 232.

Each sponsored class will be added to a fund dedicated to the cause, and in this way, we can offer continuity to young people who want to stay with us.

Memories are made like this…

If you have a happy memory from the your time with us, we’d love to know about it. You can drop us a line by email or WhatsApp message (07360 546 23), or go ahead and share (with or without pix) on Instagram or Facebook or TikTok.

Thanks for everything.

Mark Gibson

Aerial Edge Founder