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September 24, 2022 / by Kay / In programmes

How to transform spare time into achievement

We call our adult classes ‘recreational’ coz they’re in your spare time, right? Ha! As if anyone’s got spare time. Most of us have to MAKE time to worship at the altar of whatever activity we love. We carve it lovingly but with some force out of the hardwood of our work-life balance sheet, excusing ourselves here and happily scurrying off early there.

But what if you transformed that time into something more focused? It would still be a question of showing up and enjoying your spare time, but it would come with a greater challenge and sense of satisfaction and achievement.

That’s the essence of our new Part-Time Foundation Course. We take the time that you decide you can devote to your adoration of the circus arts, and we turn it into a personalised, directed and controlled learning programme.

Suddenly, you’ve got purpose. And guys, we don’t need to get too deeply into the importance of purpose here, just cut and paste that phrase into your browser and be prepared to refill your coffee cup several times if you want to read beyond page one of Google.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the start of your circus journey or if you’ve got a few years of experience. In fact, it’s perfect if you’d love to move towards going pro but can’t exit your existing life to train five days a week for four months on the Full Time Foundation Course.

You’ll come out the other side with all kinds of radically better skills and a certificate that acts as a licence for your confidence to take you to places you never even imagined you’d want to go.

Let’s talk about performance. The idea seems thrilling to some students, who are up for it from the first day their hands grip a trapeze bar or their bodies flip off the trampette. And it’s terrifying to others – distant, unachievable, wildly unrealistic. And yet…somehow alluring. Could I…would I???

No matter many hours per week you give to the Foundation Course, you will finish the course with a solo act and take part in an ensemble performance. Don’t panic! You won’t go from zero to full-on cabaret act. It will begin whenever you’re ready. It might be running through a sequence of 10 moves in front of your classmates. Then perhaps add music.

The next step might be to do something for the Aerial Edge teaching team – these are the people who will have nurtured you to that stage, so it won’t be as scary by then as you might think as you sit reading this on your phone right now. We’ll run regular scratch nights so that family and friends can come along to see works in progress. You might be able to skip straight to scratch nights, depending on your experience.

Bit by bit, step by step, grip by grip, you’ll be transforming yourself into a performer by the standard of your circus skills and the knowledge and confidence you’re acquiring. And this will be recorded for your showreel by Aerial Edge filmographer Gabriel Stella.

Whether or not you choose to perform anywhere other than within the comfortable walls of Aerial Edge is up to you.

And how will you know how this metamorphosis is occurring? How will you stay focused week after week over the duration of the course? How will you be held accountable? Ahhhh! We’ve got that covered too. We’ll give you weekly mentoring sessions along with tools to track your progress and ensure that whatever is going on for you elsewhere in life, you can continue to make progress towards your targets, at whatever pace is possible.

Interested? The prospectus is here.

Let’s talk! Catch up with us in the space, or drop us a message on email or WhatsApp (+44 7360 546 232).