New Prices April 2019

In order to keep making Aerial Edge awesome, there will be a small increase to the price of some of our classes from April 8th.

We’re committed to delivering the best possible experience to our students and these changes will allow us to continue to improve our programme whether it is through purchasing new equipment, or continuing to employ highly skilled coaches and riggers to deliver our classes and keep everyone safe.

Since our last price rise in January 2016, there have been some factors outside of our control such as inflation, national minimum wage and pension contribution increases which also contribute to the need to implement this change.

We have also made a commitment to become an official Living Wage employer in 2019, working to offering a fair and sustainable income all of our staff as we believe the hard work and effort that they put into Aerial Edge every day deserves higher pay than the national minimum wage.

We want to thank all of our students for their continued support and attendance!

New Class Prices for April 2019:


Behind the price change and what benefits you’ll see.

Commitment to Customer Experience

Whether it’s purchasing industrial strength heaters in the winter, laying a new sprung floor, or replacing some of our high spec pieces of circus equipment, we are constantly striving to provide a better customer experience at Aerial Edge.

In response to student demand, we have significantly expanded our footprint within Kelvin Hall to allow our full-size Flying Trapeze rig to take up a permanent space in our venue, giving Aerial Edge students a unique opportunity to fly weekly (and if they want to privately!) on Scotland’s only flying trapeze! This has meant an increase in rent for us.

We are also are in the process of installing a new and improved dance floor area in the space to allow our artists to the opportunity to rehearse in improved conditions.

Commitment to Safety

Whether it’s Disclosure Scotland checks, First aid training for all teaching and reception staff, ongoing rigging and equipment maintenance, or external Health and Safety Consultations, our commitment to staff and students’ safety is of the highest standard. As we continue to grow and offer a diverse and exciting programme, we will continue to invest in this area of the business to offer you the best circus classes we possibly can.

Employer’s Responsibilities 

Increase in Minimum Wage

Since January 2016, the National Minimum wage has increased by 22.5% which is just one example of the rising day to day overheads that we face.

Living Wage

Aerial Edge have a number of financial goals for 2019, one of the most significant being that we want to be a living wage employer. While we are already achieving well above this in many areas of our business, we want to make sure that all our staff, especially our incredible teaching assistants, reception and marketing staff, are making this as a minimum by the end of 2019.

Increased Pension contributions

As a PAYE employer, we make regular monthly contributions into our employee’s workplace pension plan. From April 2019, the legal minimum contribution we must make is increasing from 2% to 3%.

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