Intensive training

Intensive Training

If you want to up-level your training, we have some great programmes for you:

  • 4-month Full-Time Foundation Course in Circus Arts (starts March & August)
  • 4-week Full-Time Intensive Course (runs in July)
  • Targeted Training (personalised mentoring programme)
  • Circus Holidays

Targeted Training

We can build you a customised programme to optimise your progress, even if you are training only once a week. We’ll help you track your development, suggest home-based exercises to support you, and have regular check-ins with you to keep you moving forward. Just ask one of our team about Targeted Training.

Circus Holidays

Join us for our new intensive circus course in Goa, Southern India, in January 2024! There will be 10 days of training in a beautiful jungle resort, right beside the beach. We will release more information on how you can join us soon.

We are running our first flying trapeze holiday to southern Brazil in 2023, we aim to release details for holidays in 2024 soon.

4-Week Intensive Course

This course will train you in the fundamentals of aerial and acrobatic arts, with a personalised focus on creating an act in your speciality discipline. At the end of the month, there will be an opportunity to perform that act in a showing to a friendly audience.

You’ll learn our system of conditioning and flexibility which is designed not just to improve your capability but to reduce the risk of injuries so that you can continue to develop your skills throughout your life.

Course content also includes tuition in act creation and movement practice which transform a series of moves and tricks into a fluent performance.

The course runs Monday-to-Friday from 10am-5pm (See the sample timtable below)

Cost: £795.


  • 5th February to 1st March
  • Easter TBC
  • 1st to 28th July
  • Autumn TBC

Foundation Course in Circus Arts

Our Foundation Course is an excellent option if you want to step up your training from regular classes to a more formal learning programme.

The Foundation Course is a full-time four-month intensive course six hours a day five days a week from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday

The course is designed to help you gain strength and flexibility along with technical and performance skills in a wide variety of aerial, acrobatic and object manipulation disciplines.

This is like no other Foundation Course currently on offer.

With decades of high-level expertise and experience in both circus arts and the global industry of creating education programmes, you’re in good hands.

It’s not just about learning one new trick after another. As this carefully designed course progresses, the emphasis changes. At first, it’s about building physical abilities and technical skills across a wide range of disciplines, then it moves towards specialising in the arts that you love most. That leads you to craft a solo act and be part of an ensemble production, with the support of a choreographer and a creative director.

During the course there will be performance opportunities to build your ability to create acts and perform in front of a live audience.

We want you to go on to greater things with a solid foundation, so we help you develop essential knowledge in anatomy and physiology in order to understand your own biomechanics. This enables you to train smarter so that you can push your own development forward after the course. Along the way, you gain insights to history and performance to boost your creativity.

We also bring in leading industry professionals to host specialist workshops, such as makeup, clowning, dance, rigging and business.

As well as including a strong education across a wide range of aerial, acrobatic and object manipulation skills, the Aerial Edge Foundation Courses have some unique benefits.

  • You have access to our Open Training sessions.
  • Experience creating and performing in an ensemble show with an experienced circus director
  • You leave with a fantastic showreel filmed by cinematographer Gabriel Stella.

Interested? See our prospectus and sample timetable below in the “Documents” section – or just go ahead and email us to apply We run two full-time courses a year, starting in March and August.

As we are a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), we have priced all of our classes and courses as low as we possibly can, in alignment with our core values of circus for all, and developing people through circus.

Foundation Course Dates

  • 4th March to 22nd June 2024
  • 12th August to 30th November 2024


Download the course documents from the links below.

The course prospectus

Our application process

Our Terms and conditions

What Foundation Course graduates say about their experience

Got questions? Need assistance with your application? Just want to chat it over? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email or message us on WhatsApp (+44 7360 546 232).

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