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February 22, 2023 / by Kay / In classes

Colour in your life

Who’s up for a challenge? Parkour, juggling and acrobatics ace Sam McFarlane’s got a creative one for you – an 11-week human photographic art project called Balance in Colour.

It kicks off on Saturday 25th March with a FREE hand-balancing jam in Aerial Edge, where Sam and some hand-balancing pals will host a creative session with tuition and inspiration. Then it goes to an Instagram photo extravaganza!

The challenge is open to anyone, regardless of your experience. You can use the 11 weeks to push yourself to new level or if you’re a beginner, you could use it to go from zero to self-supported handstand, or any other goal (we have classes to help, see below). Or you could join in just for the fun of it!

Here’s how it works

Each week from April 1st, Sam will announce a colour on the project’s Instagram page, and you can DM him photos of yourself and/or friends in a balance position using that colour predominantly in your costume and/or the background.

Sam will post the pix on the page and the most suitable ones will be pulled together into a single intriguing montage at the end of the week.

The colours will be based on the Pride flag, and the 11 weeks starting on Saturday 1st April will lead into Pride month, when all the montages will be combined into one fabulous artwork.

You can take part in any or every week, doing anything that qualifies as a balance – it could be a plank, headstand or handstand, Y-balance, badass yoga position, partner or multi-person balance, or a toddler standing on one leg. You could also use aerial equipment to shoot a front or back balance, for instance. In green week, you might photograph something involving a tree.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or professional level, it’s about whatever strikes you as interesting – let your creative spirit run wild.

Please follow and share the Balance in Colour Instagram page to make keep up to speed on the next steps as the project rolls along.

Come in for the handstand jam – it’s free

To get off to an inspirational, in-person start, we’re hosting a hand-balancing jam on Saturday 25th March. Sam and some pals will be at Aerial Edge to share ideas and instruction with anyone who wants to join the Balance in Colour community.

It’s completely free, and limited to 25 people, so snag your ticket soon. If you book in and discover that you can’t make it, please cancel so that someone else can use the slot.

Need a bit of help?

New to this kind of thing? No problem. The classes on our schedule that could be most useful include:

  • Handstands – Wednesdays 6pm-7pm
  • Acrobalance – Wednesdays 7pm-8.30pm
  • Acrobatics – Thursdays 7pm-8.30pm
  • Circus Fitness – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6pm-7pm

Book here for the Hand-Balance Jam or classes