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March 28, 2023 / by Kay / In circus shows

Easter Weekend of Wonders Workshops

Thinking of an Easter break? Close that Booking.com app, and come on an amazing circus trip with us. Our Weekend of Wonders (a mini-festival, if you will) has circus arts for beginners and experts!

AHave a go at our famous flying trapeze! Try some teeterboard or trampoline! Learn aerial straps with awesome guest instructor Judy Salloum. Pole people – how about Chinese or fly pole for a change? And of course there’s static trapeze and aerial silks.

You can do a pick ‘n’ mix pick of some 3-hour workshops at £50 each, or spend the whole weekend at the circus with a Do It All pass at £175, saving £25.

Whether or not you’ve got experience of circus training, or any other kind of training for that matter, you’ll be welcomed to the Aerial Edge community, where student ages range from 1 to 100 and everyone gets the support they need to develop skills as an individual. The Easter Weekend of Wonders is open to adults (although Youth Circus students aged 13+ can come if they’ve been signed off by their teachers).

Flying trapeze fans get a special treat – there are a total of NINE HOURS of flying available over the weekend. You up for it??


Flying trapeze: Intermediate and open levels – come and have a go at two 3-hour workshops in one day if you think you’re hard enough! Our resident incredible fly teacher Gabe Stella is on the safety lines, calling the instructions that make you take off and fly to the catcher.

Straps: The awesome Judy Salloum is here to teach our Full-Time Foundation Course, so hey, a wee weekend workshop will be a rare treat for anyone else who fancies this dynamic aerial art.

Trampoline: You want to raise your aerial or acro game? Trampoline is excellent for awareness of where you are in the air. There are all kinds of techniques and tricks that improve your proprioception and set you up for success. Plus, if you’re doing intermediate fly in the morning, it’s a fun way to spend your afternoon, and Mete Mercan is the man to make that happen.


Pole: We got Chinese pole with international performer Edd Muir. We got fly pole with our amazing Helen Anderson. Two poles in one workshop! Note, this isn’t shiny steel pole, it’s a rubberised surface. Chinese pole is anchored to the ground, while fly pole is suspended from a rigging point above, so that it can spin and sway with your movements.

Teeterboard: Imagine a grown-up sized see-saw –then imagine standing on the seats instead of sitting, and stomping on one end to send the person on the other end into the air. This is teeterboard! It’s tricks time! Two people jumping on one end to fire a third person who’s standing on the other side into the air. Yes, yes, yes, there will be safety harnesses and lines, so go wild. It’s gonna be awesome!

Flying trapeze: There’s another open level workshop in the afternoon, or you could choose to take Static Trapeze + Beginner Silks instead. These classes are on our usual Sunday schedule, but both are included in the weekend pass.