Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Aerial Edge Summer Timetable & Class Updates

A look ahead to Summer 2018 with Aerial Egde!

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for us at Aerial Edge, and we’ve made a number of changes to the timetable for the summer to help you get the most out of your training. This includes new 6 week Flying Trapeze courses on the big rig and adding new flexibility classes to our circus fitness programme.

Flying Trapeze

We are excited to launch a new our Summer Flying Trapeze timetable which will see most of our classes now running on Scotland’s only full sized trapeze rig!

We’ve done a review of all of our Flying Trapeze classes and have made a number of changes to the structure of these, including introducing 6 week Flying Trapeze courses which will give our students the opportunity to make faster progressions with focussed goals and aims within these.

If you can’t make it along to the courses, we have some All Levels drop-in classes on the big rig for all ages and abilities.

We have also added a ‘Preparing for Intermediates’ workshop which will give students looking for more confidence on board, unassisted take off and swinging out of lines a chance to work on all of these elements ahead of the new intermediates course starting.

  • Intermediate Flying Trapeze: Layouts and Cutaways 6 Week Course (Ages 16+)
  • Beginners Flying Trapeze 6 Week Course (Ages 16+)
  • Youth Flying Trapeze Summer Term (6 Week course) (Ages 7 – 16)
  • All Levels Flying Trapeze (Drop in classes)
  • Preparing for intermediates workshops: Build up your board skills and confidence (Ages 16+)

For lovers of Petit Volant fly, don’t worry, we’re keeping out Thursday 7pm Petit Volant class running because we know you want it! The price of Petit Volant will remain the same at the moment until mid August when it will change in line with the pricing of the rest of our Flying Trapeze classes.

In other exciting Flying Trapeze news, heading over to Strathclyde Country Park this August, where we’ll be running 8 action packed days of workshops as part of Festival 2018- the cultural celebrations alongside the European Championships.

Flexibility price drop!

Great news for all students wishing to improve their Flexibility. From the 22nd of June Flexibility will come under our Circus Fitness category of classes, meaning that they will only be £5!

We’ve also increased the availability of these classes by scheduling 3 per week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays to give you a more flexible(!) choice of days to suit your training schedule.

We hope that by making the classes cheaper and more frequent, they will be more accessible for all of our students, so you can see the benefits across all of your training.

Class Description:

Now part of our Circus Fitness category of classes, Flexibility will complement your strength training by stretching out stiff muscles and other and problem areas as we work on preventative measures against future injury.

We believe that flexibility is an essential class for every circus student you will work to improve your posture and lines as we work on specific areas which will benefit your circus training such as splits, straddle, back bends and point flexibility.

Led by National Centre Graduate Adam Wright, this class will use various techniques including partner, static and PNF stretching styles as Adam put his other non – circus related degree (Anatomy!) to good use.

Private Lesson Pricing

While we’ve managed to save some of you money by reducing the price of Flexibility training, we are unfortunately going to have to increase the cost of our 1:1 private lessons. We’ve been monitoring our finances closely since the move to Kelvin Hall, but this year’s increased minimum/ living wage and post Brexit pricing of everything has meant that we have to increase some our prices. From the 1st of July 1:1 lessons will increase to £49. This will apply to lessons booked and paid after 1st of July.

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