A Note from Rosie

Directing the Aerial Edge Show and running the Creative Course is always an exciting time!

showcaseThe creation process takes around six to eight weeks, with around twenty-five hours of coaching and creative time. Myself and one or more of our experienced aerial coaches work with students to create solo and group acts, forming a cohesive show around a specific theme.

We work closely with students to develop their goals – this could be perfecting that back walkover or somersault, getting one step closer to a trick or developing the stamina and grace to move well in the air. Sessions will typically include conditioning, group devising and theatre games, tumbling skills and floor choreography, as well as dedicated aerial coaching and practise time. We may also work with other theatrical skills, such as clowning, mask work and working with text if you want to include that into your performance! The possibilities to be creative within this course know no bounds.

Students can choose to focus on any apparatus, from parkour and juggling to corde lisse and swinging trapeze, and will walk away with a solo act in their chosen discipline, as well as experience participating in multiple group pieces in a variety of disciplines. We encourage participants to also work on their routines in their normal classes, if they are attending these.

Although it can be stressful, and a lot of hard work, it is incredibly rewarding to see a the show coming together, and seeing the progress that students can make in such a short space of time, whether that’s going from having never used straps before, to performing an act on them, or stretching your boundaries as a parkour teacher to perform in a duo hoop act.

For me, the best part is always watching the finished show, and seeing it all come together with the added effects of costumes,and stage lighting- and of course an audience.

I can’t wait to see what skills our prospective participants will bring to this course and the show itself!

Rosie, Aerial Edge In-House Director

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