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August 09, 2022 / by Heidi Brown / In classes

How circus changed my life

I started at Aerial Edge when I was 10, and it became my one thing that I loved. School was all ‘do this, do it like that’. Circus school allowed me to be who I was. I was free to express myself, and I grew more confident.

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August 06, 2022 / by Mark / In classes

The benefits of youth circus

Learning and developmental outcomes are best served by broad range of physical activities for people who are still growing. Over the years, they can experience big changes in their bodies and discover to their dismay that it becomes harder to do some of the things that they were good at, for varying lengths of time.

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July 23, 2022 / by Kay / In classes

Why Circus Fitness?

We LOVE Circus Fitness and we find that students do too. It’s where it all begins for some people, because you each class has a bit of everything in it, and it builds the strength and muscle memory that you need for the different arts. It’s also fantastic if you’re going through rehab for injuries, and just for maintaining fitness so that you can do more of what you love, and do it better.

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July 23, 2022 / by Vee Smith / In circus shows

Circus shows to see at the Fringe

Doncha just love it when someone does all the hard work for you? Vee Smith has done a heroic trawl through the vastness of the Edinburgh Fringe programme using her expert knowledge to find the best circus acts, so that you don’t have to.

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