BLOCKS is the culmination of the work of our first cohort of students taking part in our Digital Circus Performance programme. This programme is designed explore the intersection between physical performance and video as artforms. The programme includes tuition in recording, lighting and framing video of performance and also incorporates workshops including choreography and direction.

The director and choreographer of BLOCKS is Eve Mutso, the film maker is Gabrielle Stella, music is by Jean-Pierre Waksman, mixing and mastering is by Daniel John June.


  • Agata Gostanska-ly
  • Emma Rossetter
  • Iris Smith
  • Johnathan Cheung
  • James Howard
  • Kirsty Shand
  • Lana Turner
  • Lorraine Liyanage
  • Megan Hoy
  • Murray Leitch
  • Robert Gallagher-Lyall
  • Sophie Hartley
  • Tommy Turner
  • Agata

  • Bob

  • Emma

  • Iris

  • Johnathan

  • Kirsty

  • Lana

  • Megan

  • Murray

  • Tommy

  • Sophie

    BOXED: The new BLOCKS-buster

    After lockdown came cautious freedoms. After Blocks comes Boxed. We are looking for people who want to be part of this new digital circus creative education project.
    Blocks depicted creative artists dealing with the frustration and soothing sensations of maintaining a training programme when they were locked in their homes, how they felt the isolation and the need to reach out to others. Boxed is the evolution of the themes and will explore how we keep our training going with our new freedoms within different restrictions, thinking inside and outside the box.
    With direction again by choreographer Eve Mutso and film maker Gabriel Stella, the international programme includes tuition in recording, lighting, and framing video of your performances. It will incorporate workshops on choreography and creative direction, and Jean-Pierre Waksman will create an original score.
    We invite students and performers from anywhere in the world who would like to be involved to email mark@aerialedge.co.uk indicating what skills and talents they’d like to bring to the party including a short video. It doesn’t have to be a showreel or an entire performance, it can be whatever you can provide – it can be just a snippet or more that gives an indication of how you move, and what you can do. 
    The cost of joining this creative course will be £50 per person with some scholarship places available for talented artists who are not in a position to pay themselves, so please let us know in your email if you are applying for a subsidised place.
    The performance and filming part of the project will run for four weeks, then the editing phase will take one to two weeks.
    Read more about Eve MutsoGabriel Stella and Jean-Pierre Waksman