Aerial Edge’s (mini) Move!

You may notice a little change over the next week or two here at Aerial Edge…

trex-kelvinhallAs many of you are aware, Glasgow has seen a recent surge in its dinosaur population. Starting with Dippy the Diplodocus over in the Kelvingrove Art gallery and continuing with an incoming T-Rex into Kelvin Hall. This newest member of Glasgow’s Cretaceous Crew will be making it’s home in Phase 2, which is where Aerial Edge is currently positioned.

What does this mean for your beloved circus school? Luckily not too much! All that we need to do is shift ourselves down the hall in order to make way for the new exhibitions area.

Starting next week (February 4th), we will be moving ourselves a little further back in the space. We are aiming to minimise the disruption to classes and events as much as possible. Any disruptions or class cancellations will be communicated as quickly as possible to participating students.

To begin, (February 4th to 8th) we will be moving our Flying Trapeze, Swinging Trapeze and Aerial Rig during the mornings and afternoons in the hope that classes will remain undisturbed. Following this (11th to 15th February) we will be moving everything else including our lovely reception hut (along with our reception team!).

So if you find yourself at a bit of a loose end during the day and want to become more acquainted with the mysteries of circus (construction) or engaging in a more industrial form of circus fitness do let us know!

We will be shutting the space to visitors during the day and will not be open for daytime Training the moving period. Once again, we will endeavor to keep all evening and weekend classes running as normal.

We will let you all know if any further updates come our way!

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