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Online Classes – STARTING MONDAY

We all need to maintain our fitness and ideally improve it, and we want to stay sociable despite the distance. So join us for our new schedule of live video conference classes.

Classes of various sizes  will be taught with students and teachers each in their own home – or garden/park if you have access to one.

We will all be able to see each other and talk to each other and more importantly, the teachers will be able to check your technique.

We believe you can not only maintain your fitness, flexibility and skills, but improve them even though there’s no equipment required. 

This Weeks Timetable

We may be physically distant, but you’re not alone.

This programme will ensure that you maintain your muscles, and more. There’s meditation to calm the mind and opportunities to learn new skills for all ages. We look forward to seeing you.

How To Get Online

We’ll be using Zoom (a video conference app) to run our classes. Aerial Edge Director, Mark, has put together a helpful video to help people access the online classes!

We’ve also put together a few suggestions for simple things people might be useful when exercising/joining classes at home. These are not mandatory, everyone is still welcome to join!

Class Descriptions

Your circus activities begin each day with a one-hour youth programme – and parents get to join in the circus games, acrobalance and manipulation. When families need to stay together, playing together helps everyone let off steam and avoid cabin fever. Stewart and Rosie will lead this engaging session for all the family

We are modelling our adult programme on our full-time foundation course. The online programme will be operating five days a week and can take you from beginner to intermediate level.  This is open to everyone and you can do the whole programme or choose the individual classes that suit you best.

Circus Fitness
We’ll vary the intensity level throughout the week. This allows the maximum gains in strength, fitness and acrobatic ability. Adam & Scott will help you build a solid foundation for both aerial and ground-based acrobatics and hand balancing. 
Midweek skills building and a rest for the muscles…but not for the brain! Stewart and Scott will show you how to juggle, spin plates, throw hats and clubs and do amazing things with fruit and vegetables! 

Could your straddle be straighter? Does your bending need some mending? Now’s the ideal time to work on flex. Improving your flexibility is fundamental to improving all your abilities in circus. Scott and Adam have created a progressive programme to allow you to increase your mobility and flexibility and develop towards more advanced techniques.
Taiji (Tai Chi) & Meditation
Mark has been training and teaching in Taiji, Qigong and meditation for more than 30 years. Our classes will help increase your ability to relax, manage stress and increase lung health and capacity while improving mindfulness.


If you have any feedback on our programme and what works for you and what doesn’t then email mark@aerialedge.co.uk

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