Rigging for Circus Arts: 5 Day Course

Covering theory and practice of circus rigging, our 5-day ‘Rigging for Circus Arts’ course gives attendees hands-on experience in many of the unique aspects of circus rigging and safety.
Course dates: 5th – 9th November 2018

Course Overview
Equipment Rigging is an established discipline in the entertainment industry, the oil industry and in the theatre.

Rigging for acrobatic circus arts has a crossover into each of these areas, however, acrobatic rigging differs in that it primarily deals with ‘liveʼ loads such as an acrobatic performer and the equipment to support them.
Our 5-day ‘Rigging for Circus Arts’ course gives attendees hands-on experience in many of the unique aspects of circus rigging. It covers the theory and practice of rigging circus equipment and flying people in performances. The course will also cover applicable regulations and methods of best practice for safe rigging for circus arts.Who Can Attend: The course is aimed at anyone who would like to gain an in-depth understanding of the principles of circus rigging and gain hands-on practical experience in rigging for different circus arts and types of performance.

Course Aim: This course gives attendees the chance to learn about the different aspects of circus rigging and to gain hands-on experience in applying this knowledge.
Attendees will understand how to keep themselves safe during rigging operations, learn how to safely choose and rig the right equipment for the right circumstance, learn how to design and erect basic structures to support circus performers and learn the basics of how to safely fly people.
This course is not a qualification entitling attendees to perform rigging activities without the addition of significant practical experience with an experienced organisation or individual.

Programme Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand static and dynamic loads and how to choose the right equipment to safely support performers.
  • Understand safe working practice for rigging operations.
  • Understand the regulations and practice regarding Personal Protective Equipment and working at height.
  • Know how to erect basic support structures for circus equipment and performers.
  • Understand the need, the construction and the execution of rescue plans.
  • Understand different methods of supporting the movements of performers in flying techniques.
  • Be able to maintain rigging, PPE and circus equipment.
  • Understand best practice in maintaining documentation for the maintenance of equipment, the creation of risk assessments and method statements.

  • Timetable: Each day will consist of theory and practice sessions
  • Day 1 am part 1: Introduction, Legislation.
  • Day 1 am part 2: Load calculations: introduction
  • Day 1 pm: Load calculations and rigging circus equipment
  • Day 2 am: Rope, knots SWR, terminations & lifting systems
  • Day 2 pm: Access methods & Working at Height
  • Day 3 am: Erecting structures
  • Day 3 pm: Flying people
  • Day 4 am: Health & Safety Documentation
  • Day 4 pm: Rescue of riggers from height
  • Day 5: Practical & Theory test

  • Dates: 5th – 9th Nov
  • Location: Aerial Edge, Kelvin Hall, Glasgow
  • Time: 10am – 4.30pm
  • Cost: £599.00 per person

  • Spaces are limited to 12 participants.

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