Private Lessons

Take your skills to the next level with our private lessons!

While group classes are off the menu under the new restrictions, you can book a private lesson with one of our instructors.

  • STEWART Trapeze, hoop, silks, stilts, hula hooping, manipulation
  • ADAM Flexibility, acrobatics, handstands, rope, act development
  • SAM Acro, animal flow , trampoline, parkour, handstands
  • KIT Silks, hoop, trapeze, poi, stiltwalking, act development
  • SCOTT swinging trapeze, cloudswing, straps, tightwire, cyr wheel, unicycle, juggling

30min Private Lesson

30min Private Lesson


A 30min private lesson for 1 person + stay for open training for free!

1hr Private Lesson

1hr Private Lesson


A 1 hour private lesson for 1 person

Request a private lesson:

You can book a 30min private lesson by heading over to the calendar on our booking system and choosing a slot with your preferred instructor.