Aerial Edge Circus Convention

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    Aerial Edge Circus Convention

    August 30th – September 1st 2019

About The Aerial Edge Circus Convention

The Aerial Edge Circus Convention, running August 30th to September 1st, is an event that brings together the circus community from far and wide. With a huge variety of workshops run by world-class performers and instructors, this convention is one the UK’s largest events of its kind: a non-stop weekend of circus training for everyone from beginner to professional level.

This convention is a great opportunity to try out new skills that you may never before had the chance to whether that’s Flying Trapeze, Parkour, Icarian Game, Cyr Wheel and more!

The spirit of the convention is to be a fun event where you will meet and train with like-minded people who are also passionate about circus.

Click Here to see the Aerial Edge Circus Convention 2019 Timetable


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Join us in Glasgow!

Join us in Glasgow!

Train with the best!

Train with the best!

Learn Something New!

Learn Something New!

Meet The Team!

  • Adilso Machado (Brazil)

    Adilso Machado (Brazil)

  • Alexandra Hofgartner (UK)

    Alexandra Hofgartner (UK)

    Lyra & Silks Teacher

    Alex is a physical artist, director and mentor. She has used her years of aerial, dance and physical theatre training to create sophisticated, beautiful and sometimes absurd performances. Her intimate and creative style of performance has graced a variety of international cabaret and theatre stages, from Melbourne to London with a stop in many deep dark cabaret clubs in Berlin inbetween.

    At home in the UK, Alex has focused her attention to help continue to build a vibrant and strong cabaret scene. Aswell as performing, she co-produces The Ministry of Burlesque and is co-founder and director of the cabaret company; The Decadent Rabbit,. She has collaborated with Circomedia by writing and guest tutoring a module for the full time course on the genre of Burlesque.

    Check out more of Alex’s work on her website and on facebook!

  • Acrobatic Adventures (UK)

    Acrobatic Adventures (UK)

    Handstands & Tumbling Teachers

    Hobbit is an award winning, international circus performer specialising in acrobatics and hula hoop. She is creative director of Acrobatic Adventures. She has trained handstands and acrobatics at Escola De Cirque Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona and Nanterre in Paris, and has travelled the world, working with a variety of companies including Arcadia Spectacular, Warner Bros & The Welsh National Opera.

    Jake England-Johns is a Total Theatre award winning physical theatre actor, circus performer and dancer. Originally training at Bretton hall and later at Polinchinelo’s circus he has toured nationally and internationally over the last 15 years. He enjoys making work with integrity, and playful mischief at it’s heart and specialises in martial arts style acrobatics fused with body popping, elemental work and splashes of mime!

  • Bianca Vieira (Brazil)

    Bianca Vieira (Brazil)

  • Caitlin Murphy (UK)

    Caitlin Murphy (UK)

    Static Cloud Teacher

    Caitlin graduated from Circomedia in 2015 with a BA in Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre. She has experience working in many different aerial disciplines including trapeze and hoop but specialises in cloud swing and static cloud.

    Her background in acting transfers easily into her love of circus performance and integration. Since graduating Caitlin has spent three months training in New York city at Circus Warehouse, then a summer teaching at French Woods Festival of the Arts in Upstate New York and has finally settled in Edinburgh teaching regularly at Freedom of Flight Aerial in Leith.

    Caitlin has taught at EAAC for three years and is excited to joining the team gain for the second Aerial Edge Circus Convention.

  • Cameron Good (USA)

    Cameron Good (USA)

    Lyra & Silks Teacher

    Cameron is from Houston, Texas where she runs Rogue Aerial Arts, a performing, rigging and teaching company. After a lifetime of competitive gymnastics, Cameron found and fell in love with aerial arts.

    Grateful to find a new way to fill her daily flipping and generally being upside down quota, she has taken to the sky by training mostly on silks, cube and wall running while dabbling in many other apparatus. Her knowledge and expertise from her gymnastics career has transferred well to the aerial arts and over the last several years she has had the opportunity to teach and perform across the world.

    Cameron also acquired stunt rigging certification with the National Academy of Stunt Action and Rigging. She has since rigged for aerial arts as well as for theater productions across North America and the Caribbean.

  • Charmaine Muller (Australia)

    Charmaine Muller (Australia)

    Aerial Edge Founder / Convention organiser / Trapeze teacher

    Charmaine started training and teaching at Aerialize in Sydney in 2000 before moving to the UK and teaching in Glasgow and The Hangar, Aircraft Circus in London. She met Mark Gibson whilst training at The Circus Space (now National Centre for Circus Arts) and they set up Aerial Edge in London in 2007 before moving the school to Glasgow where is has been based or the last 12 years.

    She has an encyclopedic knowledge of static trapeze techniques and is passionate about the need for a high standard of tuition in circus works, and conditioning. There’s always time for conditioning!

    She is currently teaching at Aerialize and Aerialfit in Sydney. She is also responsible for programming all workshops and managing the teachers at the Aerial Edge Circus Convention.

  • Chiara Zubiani (UK)

    Chiara Zubiani (UK)

  • Chrissie Ardill (UK)

    Chrissie Ardill (UK)

    Bungee Harness, Lyra, Silks, Flex and Dance Teacher

    Chrissie is a performer, choreographer and teacher originally from Ireland and now based in Glasgow. She performs regularly with aerial dance companies including All or Nothing (Sco), Fidget Feet (Ire) and Orphaned Limbs (Wales) as well as many dance companies.

    A background in dance and a love of extreme heights brought Chrissie to performing aerial and she has since dangled from many high structures including 40 metre cranes, Glasgow Science Centre, Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge and Edinburgh’s Princes Street on Hogmanay, with favourite apparatus being aerial harness and spinning lyra.

  • Debbie Robbins (UK)

    Debbie Robbins (UK)

    Pilates Teacher

  • Debs Richards (UK)

    Debs Richards (UK)

    Flying Trapeze Teacher

    Debs is a professional flying trapeze artist performing worldwide and teaches flying at an advanced level in many schools including most recently in Glasgow and London.

    Being a flyer herself, and having an extensive background in circus arts and gymnastics means she understands the body movements, strength and knowledge required to throw the tricks, and likes working with people’s ‘problem’ areas to change the way of thinking to allow the body to do what it can, in a safe and fun environment.

    You can also find more out about Debs via her company Fly Fit London!

  • Edu Martinez (Spain)

    Edu Martinez (Spain)

    Cyr Wheel Teacher

    Since graduating from a P.E. studies at the University of Valencia in 2011, Edu Martinez found his passion in teaching people of all ages. Besides his teachings, has mainly focused on training Cyr Wheel, but he is also a juggler, aerial duo and partner acro artist.

    Edu did his first Cyr Wheel act at Cabaret de Circ by AVC in April 2014, and jumped to a big stage that same year at the Open Stage in EJC’14 Dublin; to be the impulse needed to become a full-time circus artist. Since 2014 he has travelled the world working and cooperating with a variety of circus companies and events.

    Edu is currently working with his own company, Spinish; and teaching Cyr Wheel in different cities of Spain and he had the chance to learn Cyr Wheel from teacher internationally known as Aime Morales, Mark Glover and Hugo Ring.

  • Gandolf (UK)

    Gandolf (UK)

  • Hamish Tjoeng (Sweden)

    Hamish Tjoeng (Sweden)

    Straps, Silks, Corde Lisse & Doubles Corde Teacher

    A Graduate of the inaugural Master Program in Contemporary Circus Practices at DOCH, alumni of Circomedia centre of Contemporary Circus & Physical Theatre. My Specialisations are Rope, Physical Theatre & Kettlebell Juggling.

    I continually strive to further my perception & expression of Circus, when teaching I place an emphasis on technique and the joy of experimentation that each student can bring to certain ‘tricks’.

    You can learn more about Hamish via his website!

  • Jono Ayres (UK)

    Jono Ayres (UK)

    Static Trapeze Teacher

    Originally trained in Physical Theatre and receiving a BA (Hons) Degree from the University of Leeds, Jono has since been training and teaching circus for nearly a decade. Starting out working in the United States after completing his Masters Degree, he travelled and trained across America, Canada and Australia before settling back in England. While specialising in Static Trapeze, Doubles Trapeze and Flying Trapeze, he happily teaches almost all aerial acts

    Jono currently lives in Bristol, working for Circomedia Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre. In addition to running the Youth Circus programme, and numerous evening classes, Jono is a regular guest teacher on the Academic courses for both FDA and BA.

  • Kalina Suter (UK)

    Kalina Suter (UK)

    Dance Trapeze & Flexibility Teacher

    A seabird and wolf child at heart, Kalina draws upon her instinctive nature in her creative style and movement. A dancer/equestrian stunt rider turned aerialist she graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts, USA, with a specialty in Dance Trapeze.

    After many years of scavenging the globe in her creative pursuits Kalina has based herself in Edinburgh , where her mission is to convert people to the magical and mysterious ways of dance trapeze one student at a time.

    Find more out about Kalina on her website!

  • Kat Barass (UK)

    Kat Barass (UK)

    Static Trapeze Teacher

    Kat (stage name Estlin Love) is originally from Edinburgh but has lived internationally for much of her life. She began her performance career as a model, then circus performer, graduating from the National Centre of Circus Arts in London in 2011 having specialised in Cloud Swing. Since then she has lived and worked across Europe, returning to Edinburgh when her son was born in 2015.

    Since then her interests have diversified and she has just completed the Advanced Diploma in Physical Theatre at Summerhall, where her focus was on multidisciplinary visual theatre which incorporated elements of performance art, physical theatre and dance.

    Despite moving into other genres, Kat remains a dedicated circus lover and continues to teach and perform regularly. Her classes are energetic, hard work and emphasise fun!

  • Lauren Hendry (UK)

    Lauren Hendry (UK)

    Acrobalace & Icarian Games Teacher

    Lauren is a graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts, specialising in acrobalance.

    Originally from a gymnastics background, Lauren created and toured acrobatic theatre with So and So Circus Theatre until 2013. She now works with companies including Circus Geeks to make and tour new circus work. Lauren has recently moved to Glasgow from London, where she taught at the National Centre and Jacksons Lane. Lauren has a wide knowledge of partner acrobatics, with particular interests in risley and dynamic acrobalance

  • Lauren Jamieson (UK)

    Lauren Jamieson (UK)

    Acrobalance, Banquine & Acrobatics

  • Mark Gibson (UK)

    Mark Gibson (UK)

    Aerial Edge Founder / Director Flying Trapeze & Cradle Teacher

    Mark is the Managing Director of Aerial Edge and has specialised for the last 20 years in education for technical, physical and artistic disciplines.

    In 2000 Mark began training in static trapeze and has since been performing with both solo and doubles aerial acts for the last thirteen years. Amongst other places, Mark studied at The Circus Space, London for 8 years; but also attended intensive courses at The Circus Warehouse, New York, ARCAA, Sydney, The Circus Centre, San Francisco and Circocan in Brazil. He has been teaching aerial disciplines since 2007.

    Mark has many years in education and has both worked for and provided consultancy on education solutions for many large international corporations.

  • Moa Karlsson (Sweden)

    Moa Karlsson (Sweden)

    I started training rope when I was 17, in the circus high school of Circus Cirkör in Stockholm. I liked the simplicity of the rope, and how one could turn it into something very complicated.

    I continued training circus and ended up in ESAC school in Brussels, where I had the wonderful teacher Roman Fedin. I’ve always been interested in theatre, and being injured for most of the three years, I had more time to explore the rope from an actor’s point of view: searching for new ways of considering it as a partner, how to use it as a tool of storytelling and the variations of moving with the rope that emerges from incorporating different characters.

    After graduating from ESAC in 2015 I’ve been mainly touring with both circus and theatre shows and teaching circus to a variety of people.

  • Nickolle de Abreu (Brazil)

    Nickolle de Abreu (Brazil)

  • Paul Lagah (UK)

    Paul Lagah (UK)

  • Pedro Mello e Cruz (Brazil)

    Pedro Mello e Cruz (Brazil)

  • Ruaraidh Milne (UK)

    Ruaraidh Milne (UK)

    Trapeze & Tumbling Teacher

    Ruaraidh is a passionate aerialist who started his aerial career in Edinburgh back in the early 2000s and now teaches in Moray, Northern Scotland, he also performs around the place too.

    He loves to be upside down, hang out in high places, and spend time with his cat, dog and chickens.

    Find more out about Ruaraidh on his website!

  • Sarah Bebe Holmes

    Sarah Bebe Holmes

    Sarah is co-founder and co-artistic director of LA/Glasgow based aerial theatre company, Paper Doll Militia. Paper Doll Militia has been creating progressive aerial theatre in the States since 2006 and set up headquarters in Scotland in 2013.

    Sarah is currently touring her original production, EGG, an aerial theatre production on aerials plastic looking at our modern approach to fertility. Egg had a sell out run on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

    Sarah was selected by the List as #48 is Scotland most Influential and Creative women of 2018. Paper Doll Militia are leaders in aerial Teacher Training programs and run aerial retreats in Greece and Mexico. For information on their programs you can check their website or emailinfo@paperdollmilitia.com

  • Sam Macfarlane (UK)

    Sam Macfarlane (UK)

    Handstands, Acrobatics, Tumbling & Parkour Teacher

    With an extensive knowledge of acrobatics and extreme sports Sam is no stranger to flipping around and being upside down.

    Sam is an experienced gymnastics and trampoline coach and has been teaching in the circus community for 13 years. Driven by his passion to learn he is constantly striving both to increase his own skill range and to share that knowledge with his students.

    As well as coaching Sam is also passionate about performing and has been involved in a number of projects including music videos, stage shows and wide range of photo shoots.

  • Scott Craig (UK)

    Scott Craig (UK)

    Swinging Trapeze Teacher

    Scott started his life in the circus as a child over 20 years ago in Australia after a chance meeting with the legendary Reg Bolton. Since then he has performed, rigged and coached with the biggest names in the industry including: Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, Dragone, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey. He has also taught and trained at The National Circus School in Montréal where he was apprenticed to another legend: Victor Fomine.

    Scott was also a member of the famous Flying Ashtons and a founder of Fliptease.

    Scott now teaches and mentors a new generation of Flying and Swinging Trapeze staff and students here at Aerial Edge

  • Sibling Alliance (UK)

    Sibling Alliance (UK)

    Teeter board, Russian bars, Acro, Tumbling & Handstands Teachers

  • Simon Chick (UK)

    Simon Chick (UK)

    Trampoline Teacher

    Simon Chick started trampolining 25 years ago in Bridgend as a child and has gone on to compete internationally for almost two decades. He has also trained in parkour, tumbling, sports acrobatics, cheerleading, judo, kickboxing and climbing. He runs a trampoline club in Bridgend and coaches performers at all levels, many of whom have competed for their country.

    More recently he has turned his attention to circus in performance, training and directing roles. He has been the Lead Acrobatics trainer at NoFit State Circus over the past year whilst performing with their Open House tour and cabaret events.

    He believes well developed foundations to be the key to success of all ambition, after all, we all have to start somewhere and the first step is often the most exciting!

  • Stewart Watts (UK)

    Stewart Watts (UK)

    Silks, Hoop & Flying Trapeze Teacher

    Stewart first discovered circus while studying towards a PhD in pharmaceutical science (naturally!) and has been performing aerial acrobatics since 2012. In 2014, as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, he performed around the country as a member of the Commonwealth Youth Circus for the Queens Baton Relay tour. He also performs at corporate events.

    Stewart has been a full-time aerial instructor with Aerial Edge for the past 3 years, teaching regular classes in aerial silks, hoop (lyra), static and flying trapeze, circus fitness, and youth circus.

    Out with his aerial career, Stewart also works as a massage therapist specialising in Swedish massage.

  • Suzie Q and Toby J (Australia)

    Suzie Q and Toby J (Australia)

    Doubles Trapeze, Doubles Lyra & Acro Teachers

    Suzie Q and Toby J are three-time Australian Pairs Pole Champions and former finalists on Australia’s Got Talent.

    The pair are currently contract aerialists with Princess Cruises and also at El Circo in Sydney. Toby designs and manufactures custom circus equipment through his business tgear.com.au and Suzie is the author of the book The Stripper Next Door.

    They specialise in Duo Pole, Duo Trapeze and Acro. Suzie is also a yoga teacher and leads retreats around the world – they are both teaching on a Handstand/Backbend/Acro Retreat in Sweden Sep 5 – 11 this year.

    Convention FAQ’s

    When will the timetable be released?

    When will the timetable be released?

    We try to release the full timetable for the Aerial Edge Circus Convention about a month before the event so you can start planning what classes you want to participate in.

    How do I book onto classes?

    How do I book onto classes?

    You need to buy a ticket to be able to book on to classes at the Convention. We release the full timetable about a month before the event so you can start planning what classes you want to participate in.

    Once the booking system goes live, ticketholders can login to the MINDBODY booking system and create their schedule for the weekend. This can either be done on the desktop browser or the Aerial Edge Convention mobile app.

    To avoid disappointment, we recommend logging in to the system ahead of time to check that your username and password are correct as our reception team will be dealing with a high volume of calls and emails on the day that classes are released for booking. If you have bought a ticket this event, we’ll notify you by email (the one you used to book your ticket with) a few days before classes become available for booking (around the end of August/ beginning of September).

    Which level of class should I attend?

    Which level of class should I attend?

    Class levels will be shown on the timetable when it is published. All individual workshop descriptions provided by instructors will be shown within the booking system when it goes live. These descriptions may include pre-requisites so you can use the timetable as a guide for levels but please check class descriptions for pre-requisites before booking onto a workshop.

    I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

    I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

    As a not-for-profit event we don’t offer any ticket refunds but we can transfer your ticket to another customer. If you find yourself in this position we recommend using facebook groups such as Aerial Scotland or UK Circus to sell your ticket privately. Once you’ve found someone who has paid you for your ticket, get in touch and we can transfer the ticket.

    I can't make it for the whole weekend, can I get a discount on my ticket?

    I can't make it for the whole weekend, can I get a discount on my ticket?

    Sorry, no. We only offer a full-priced ticket for the Aerial Edge Circus Convention. With our Earlybird ticket prices you can save up to £100 off the cost of a full pass if you book before July 31st, so don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this amazing offer!

    Why does my ticket include a rare class?

    Why does my ticket include a rare class?

    Whilst your purchased ticket will give you access to book into all classes over the three-day event there is one class that we are limiting to one per ticketholder. Swinging Trapeze is considered a ‘rare class’ as only one student can partake in a class at a time. As such we have made it so you will only be able to book into the class once over the weekend (this will hopefully allow as many people as possible to experience this awesome discipline!).

    Is food and accommodation included?

    Is food and accommodation included?

    This ticket does not include any food or accommodation. There is an onsite cafe at Kelvin Hall where you can buy food and drink.

    Is photography / filming allowed?

    Is photography / filming allowed?

    We have official convention photographers and videographers who will be documenting the highlights of the weekend. We’re more than happy for students to take photos and film during the event, but please check that it’s ok with the instructor of your class (and anyone who you may be filming) before doing so. Not everyone wants to be filmed/photographed, so it’s polite to ask first!

    I don't have a ticket, can I come watch?

    I don't have a ticket, can I come watch?

    Sorry, only Ticket holders are permitted to attend the event. This also applies to family members/ friends of ticket holders.

    Can I share my ticket with a friend?

    Can I share my ticket with a friend?

    Sorry, no. Tickets to the Aerial Edge Convention are strictly one per customer. With our Earlybird ticket prices you can save up to £100 off the cost of a pass if you book before July 31st, so if you want to save money on a ticket then don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this amazing offer!

    Can I buy myself and a friend a ticket on the same account?

    Can I buy myself and a friend a ticket on the same account?

    Unfortunatley not! The way our booking system (MindBody) works wouldn’t allow two tickets to be on the same account. Each ticket holder must have their own unique Mindbody account which they can create following this link to the login screen here. Make sure you check your emails as this is where your ticket and all information about it will be sent to!

    My login from last year (2018) isn't working?

    My login from last year (2018) isn't working?

    Unfortunately we don’t keep any login data from previous conventions so you’ll need to create a new login to buy a ticket.

    I am a regular Aerial Edge student, can I use my normal class login?

    I am a regular Aerial Edge student, can I use my normal class login?

    Yes! You don’t need to create a new account if you already have one that you use to book yourself into our regular classes.

    Can I bring my child to the convention?

    Can I bring my child to the convention?

    Sorry no, this is an event for 16’s and over only! We cannot spare any staff to supervise children when unattended.

    Whereabouts is the convention taking place?

    Whereabouts is the convention taking place?

    The Circus Convention is held in Glasgow, right here at Aerial Edge! You can find us situated in Kelvin Hall which is based in the heart of the city’s west end.

    The full address is 1445 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AW. You will be entering Kelvin Hall through the side of the building via the Glasgow Club entrance on Bunhouse Road. Once inside the building, head up to the reception desk and take a hard left. Follow the corridor as far as it can go and you will find us in the larger Kelvin Hall area. If you are unsure about where you are going simply ask the Kelvin Hall reception staff.

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      Ticket Deals & Offers!

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      On Friday evening Aerial Edge will be hosting a fantastic Scratch Night as well as Sonder Circus’ new show ‘Cailleach’ which are both included in the price of your ticket! Motel One will provide any Convention Ticketholder a guaranteed price of £69 per night per person (no breakfast) or £78.50 (breakfast inc.). To make use of offer contact sbavidge@motel-one.com for booking with proof of convention ticket purchase.Please note this deal is subject to room availability within the hotel. Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Iberica, will provide any ticket holder with a free glass of cava per person for any bookings made. On Saturday Evening (August 31st), everyone at the convention will be invited to come and join us for a free drink at West End Bar DRAM! Everyone’s ticket will provide them with one free drink on arrival to the bar.

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      Aerial Edge Circus Convention tickets will give you unlimited access to all convention workshops.

      Please note: Buying a ticket does not guarantee you a place in the class of your choice as classes must be booked online in advance on a first come first served basis. Refunds will not be given on the basis of you not getting a space in your chosen class.

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